Cocchi spiced wine and spumante – By Giulio Cocchi since 1891 – #tastingalessi

Cocchi spiced wine and spumante РBy Giulio Cocchi since 1891, is one of the great labels of Italian liqueurs you can find in our shop and enjoy at our wine bar. Next October 5th Cocchi is [...]

Nardini Florence: Bortolo Nardini products at Alessi

Nardini Florence experience: the Bortolo Nardini products are in display at the Enoteca Alessi next September 28th with a double appointment: for bartenders and for patrons. Meanwhile, discover [...]

Podere Campriano: Chianti magic at the Enoteca Alessi

Podere Campriano is another jewel of the Chianti crown. A lovely agriturismo, and an interesting oil and wine farm. At Alessi you can enjoy the Campriano products, while you can have them [...]