A picnic with a view: Enoteca Alessi’s ‘barchetto’ picnic over the Arno river!

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A Room with a view is an old movie about the breath-taking beauty of Florence. With Alessi, in partnership with the Associazione Culturale “I Renaioli”, you can enjoy the barchetto experience and a very special point of view of Florence at the very best!

Barchetto Experience: gourmet food, amazing wine, unique view… all in one!

A quick story of the Barchetto: from hard work tool to tourist must – do

The barchetto – literally: “little boat” defined the Arno river landscape for centuries. The barchetti have been the par excellence Florentine working boat, used for freight transport, as a ferry between the two banks of the Arno and for a very specific task, the “renaioli” job of sand dredging from the river.

Dredging was necessary to prevent silting and to make the navigation easier; moreover the dredging by-product, sand and gravel, was useful for building.

Industrialization made the barchetti obsolete, but the Associazione Culturale “I Renaioli” gave the barchetti a brand new life, using them to provide tourists with a unique experience of Florence, navigating the gentle water of the Arno.

With Enoteca Alessi your barchetto experience will reach an even higher level. To the beauty of the landscape, the unique point of view, that feeling of travelling back in time, you will add our special offer for a picnic over the Arno!

Enoteca Alessi is the only business providing the official picnic basket, authorized by the Associazione Culturale “I Renaioli“.

Florence Barchetto with Alessi: the legendary quality of our Wine Bar conquers the Arno!

One of the best view of Florence and one of the best Wine Bar in Florence gang together for the Enoteca Alessi Florence Barchetto experience.

The incredible variety of our wine cellar is at your disposal, along the selection of great cold cut, cured meat and cheese: you are going to enjoy the lush texture of a Franciacorta perlage, the full body of a Brunello di Montalcino, the mouth-watering taste of Lardo di Colonnata while gazing at the Ponte Vecchio, Corsini Palace or the Santa Trinita Bridge: can you imagine a better way..?

If you are already imagining yourself on a barchetto, just give us a call or send an email: we will set up everything for your Florence Barchetto Experience over the Arno!

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