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A great red Tuscan wine can be a greatest one without being a “Chianti”! An example? The Carmignano DOCG, and among the Carmignano wines, the Fabrizio Pratesi’s ones.

Carmignano è un terroir che esprime vini sorprendenti e lo fa alla luce di una storia e di una tradizione che hanno lunga vita, con tre secoli di storia del vino alle spalle.

Carmignano is a terroir that expresses amazing wines and makes it in the path of history and a long life tradition, with three centuries of heritage behind the wine.

Let’s know better Carmignano DOCG terroir wine!

The name of the wines comes after the toponym: a small area between the “comuni” – municipalities – of Carmignano and Poggio a Caiano, Prato province (not far from Florence).

The wine production in the area dates to the Etruscans, the Tuscan per – Roman ethnicity.

Somehow, Carmignano is an ante – litteram DOCG: in 1716 Cosimo III de’ Medici (yes, that Medicis) “certified” the Carmignano wine with a Bando Mediceo, a sort of patent.

Carmignano Pratesi su Ecommerce Alessi

I Carmignano di Fabrizio Pratesi

Fabrizio Pratesi is one of the producers of the Carmignano area. His family lives in Lolocco, Carmignano, since 1875.

Fabrizio always loved – and produced – wine, but the starting of the Fabrizio Pratesi Carmignano wine business dates to 2014; he is President of the “Consorzio Carmignano” too, the body that brings together the eleven Carmignano producers: 1.5 million bottles from the area, which still is the one designated by the Bando Mediceo.

But what makes the Carmignano wine a very special one?

The perfect position of the vineyards: 150 – 230 meters on the sea level; the complexity of the soil: stony with clay presence, it gives the wine a very well structured body.

The Carmignano DOCG is named “the Supertuscan’s father”, the Sangiovese – Cabernet or Merlot blend which embodies the “Supertuscan revolution” in the Nineties, and which is a Carmignano feature.

Fabrizio Pratesi Carmignano at Alessi

Carmione, Il Circo Rosso, Locorosso, Loco Bianco, Loco Rosato: the Fabrizio Pratesi labels at Alessi, at the Wine Bar, in the cellar, and on our Ecommerce too!

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