Florence Masterclass for insiders: Enoteca Alessi, Autumn 2018

Florence Masterclass for insiders: Enoteca Alessi, Autumn 2018






Florence Masterclass: the #masterclassalessi sessions for insiders are back. Enoteca Alessi, Florence, Autumn 2018.

Florence Masterclass:  #masterclassalessi, November 15, 19, 22 2018

  • Thursday, November 15th: Velier;
  • Monday, November 19th: Jack Daniels;
  • Thursday, November 22nd: Vecchio Magazzino Doganale.

#masterclassalessi | Autumn 2018 | Thursday, November 15th: Velier

Masterclass with Velier Brand Ambassador Massimiliano Prili.


Calvados: Drouin. Gin: Cross Kiss, Garden Tiger. Rum: Veritas, Hampden, Clairin communal. Tequila: Fortaleza. Mezcal: Single Palenque. Whisky: The Glenrothes

#masterclassalessi | Autumn 2018 | Monday, November 19th: Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey

Masterclass with Jack Daniels Ambassador Stefano Righetti. Know more and better about the most famous overseas whiskey!

#masterclassalessi | Autumn 2018 | Thursday, November 22nd: Vecchio Magazzino Doganale

Masterclass with Domenico Dragone, Vecchio Magazzino Doganale Brand Manager.


Jefferson Amaro Importante, Jefferson Tintura importante, Roger Bitter extra strong, Gil gin, FraCk amaro, Bergamotto Fantastico, Diamante Acqua di cedro, madame Milù (liquore da bere al bisogno - drink it when you need it liqueur).

The Florence Masterclass series at Enoteca Alessi

While the #tastingalessi events are are open to the public, The Florence Masterclass by Enoteca Alessi - #masterclassalessi - are a great occasion for the insiders, in the Florence area or not, to dig deeper into the knowledge of products that will be trending in the next months. In the company of Brand Ambassadors and experts, the #masterclassalessi events are an opportunity of conversation about the market tendencies and, of course, of tasting!

Next Enoteca Alessi events

After the for insiders Masterclass series, with Christmas approaching, the open to the public events will be back: the famous and highly anticipated #tastingalessi series! On the way to Christmas, special offers and tasting sessions are waiting for our clients, with some new #alessipiù events: the even tastier ones with great international guests. If you are part of the food and drink business environment we will wait for you to come at our Masterclass series. But all of you will be very much welcome for the Holiday season and on the way to a great 2019!