Enoteca Alessi in Firenze since 1952

We're open from Monday to Saturday: Opening hours Store 10:30/19:00 Opening hours Wine Tasting/Winebar 11:30/18:30
How to experience Enoteca Alessi at its best
Enoteca Alessi has four different souls: while just one is more than enough to enjoy the venue, a “mix” of Alessi’s soul can be the way for a great experience for you, your family and friends. The hipster foodie and the kids, the cocktail aficionado or the wine expert, the food explorer or the spirits guru are all welcome at Alessi, because there is a lot at Alessi for all of them. A trip to Enoteca Alessi is a way to enjoy high quality food and drink from all over the world in a cosy environment, in a beautiful city…

Enoteca Alessi
Enoteca* Alessi is located in the heart of the florentine old town, a stone’s throw away from the Duomo. Since its opening in 1952, it has always been run by the Alessi family. Giorgio, the owner, sees the wine as an important form of cultural heritage and is firmly convinced that it has come to develop through time its own language made of flavours, smells, colours, moments and habits.