A spirit is an alcoholic liquid obtained through the distillation process, which includes the collection of alcoholic vapors produced during the heating of a liquid or a fermented product, usually coming from a vegetal source. The tool used for this process is called alambicco (still).

The distillation process has very ancient origins, dating back to 500 a.C. when, with a rudimental and improvised tool, someone in Asia discovered the aroma of boiling wine and found out that it was pleasant, punching and with a “tingling” inebriating effect. Of course, they liked it!

Through time, culture after culture, the distillation process has been handed down several generations, and the instruments used to extract the delicious vapors were constantly refined everywhere. Nowadays, every country is specialized in its own style and products to distill, ranging from herbs to fruits, from cereals to tubers.

It is important to remember that every bottle comes with a story and that the knowledge of “spirits” is essential for the appreciators of these products to enhance their tasting experience.

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