Bring Tuscany back home with Enoteca Alessi!

Bring Tuscany back home with Enoteca Alessi!





With its huge amount of microclimates and the variety of terroirs Tuscany has a widest range of products to offer. Enoteca Alessi it is not only a great way to taste that products while you are in Florence, but as we also provide worldwide shipping we can help you to stash bits of Tuscany in your house, wherever it is, with hassle - free shipment. You just have to choose what you want to bring back home with you, then we'll take care of everything else! Shipping the treasures of Tuscan food everywhere! As you already know Enoteca Alessi has a great selection of wines from Tuscany and all the most important oenological terroirs of Italy. But wine is not the only one product we can ship. Dry pastries, for example: Cantucci and Cantuccini from Prato, Brigidini from Lamporecchio and cialde from Montecatini, or maybe, leaving Tuscany for Emilia, the sumptuous Modena Balsamic Vinegar. Pasta is another bit of Tuscany and Italy which you can have delivered at home: true jewels of the best Italian pasta production from high quality wheat and traditionally manufactured in the bronze drawn way. And if if you go with pasta, you can't forget the sugo, the sauce: truffles, game (pheasant, wild boar, hare...), mushrooms (the porcini!). So, if you think you are going to have nostalgia for Italian food, you just have to choose what you love most and let us send you whatever you want, wherever you live. Meanwhile, mind the "ferie"! A tradition which started with the Roman Emperor Augustus, the "ferie" are the Italian summer holidays. Mind that Enoteca Alessi will be in ferie between August (yes: Augustus is where the name of the month come from...) 12 and 16. Buone ferie! :-)