TastingAlessi free event: "L'Amara in bocca"

TastingAlessi free event: "L'Amara in bocca"

TastingAlessi free event: "L'Amara in bocca"



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A #TastingAlessi event dedicated to a unique product from beautiful Sicily.


The Amara in the mouth - seminar with Angelo Canessa

'Amara in Bocca' - A taste of Sicily - seminar with Angelo Canessa dedicated to Amara - Amaro di Arancia Rossa di Sicilia.


Tuesday 21 September at 2.30 pm at Enoteca Alessi, Via delle Oche 27/29 / 31R - 50122 Florence.

Info and reservations

  • info@enotecaalessi.it
  • Massimiliano Prili 3381625723
  • A #TastingAlessi event Amaro 'AMARA' from Red Orange of Sicily PGI

Amaro AMARA comes from selecting the best Sicilian PGI blood orange peels and the combination of them, the water from the springs and the spontaneous herbs of Etna. Amaro 'AMARA': Sicily in the glass.

Amaro AMARA processing is natural, artisanal, sustainable. To be served chilled, it is excellent for mixing.

You can buy it in the Enoteca in Florence and from our e-commerce.

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