Enoteca Alessi timetable & social network presence

Enoteca Alessi timetable & social network presence



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Enoteca Alessi Web & Social: 2020 update

In these strange times, we are distanced but not alone. And we are sure we can say we miss each other. While we look forward to the end of this troubled times, we are doing whatever we can to stay close – yet distanced… – to our beloved clients: locally, and globally.

Contact us anytime

While all the social media channels (Facebook Page and GroupGoogleLinkedIn and Twitter: @enotecaalessiInstagramPinterest) and of course our info@enotecaalessi.it are open, we wanted to make even easier contacting us.

Contact Enoteca Alessi via WhatsApp and Telegram. Our newsletter

  • You can contact us  👉 via WhatsApp 👈;
  • You can contact us 👉 via Telegram Group 👈;
  • Remember we have a newsletter service in English and in Italian. Just sign up following the form. While the Italian list is more related to events, the English one is a good way to have our products offers delivered to you at your home, all over the world.

Enoteca Alessi: history & stories

The Alessi Experience is a long history and many stories to tell: the characters of that stories are wine and spirits; delicatessen & treats; but especially, the skills, competence, passion that enrich your staying, the tasting sessions, the special themed dinners. People and moments to remember; stories to tell. Meanwhile a completely new, different way to tell storise arised: the social - network - sphere. And, yes: we are in!

Enoteca Alessi: where we are, 'socially' speaking

Enoteca Alessi has a Facebook page, now even more frequently updated and richer about our products, services, events: the great Tuscan and Italian wines, along with champagne and spumante; the spirits; the great chocolate, cheese, cold cuts… Facebook of course: but not only Facebook. We are also on Google Plus, LinkedIn and Twitter: @enotecaalessi. We have a presence also on the tourism - oriented networks such as Yelp, Foursquare and Tripadvisor, but also the visual ones: Pinterest and Instagram.

Enoteca Alessi timetable: (almost) in real time!

On Google Plus and Yelp you can also check in real time the Enoteca's  timetable, for extraordinary opening, summer closure, inventory closure. The Events Calendar will let you know about special events or sales at the Enoteca (you can spot there extraordinary closures as well).

Enoteca Alessi timetable: standard timetable

  • Shop timetable: 9,30AM - 7,30PM;
  • Wine Bar timetable: 11AM - 7PM.

Blog in the Enoteca!

Great food and great wine mean great stories. Stories to share, stories to tell: you will find that stories on our blog, along with suggestions and everything you need to know about our products. Se you at Alessi, then: in Florence, and online!