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Divine Taste






Essentiae Mead

Ypocras, the ancestral wine


There is no end to the stories that can be discovered at Alessi, and we continue our journey in the past by discovering ancient recipes and modern innovations.

To know how to innovate means knowing how to add something new to the traditional. And this is how Essentiae's liqueurs and fermented products are born.

The laboratory, Opificio Essentiae, is located in Castelnuovo Magra in the Colli di Luni. Thanks to the meeting between Diego Bosoni, viticulturist and enologist, and Fiorella Stoppa, the activity was born. With her knowledge of liqueurs and the study of local crops, they can create unique liqueurs reinterpreting ancient recipes.

The recipe followed by Essentiae provides natural methods and ancient recipes of the Ligurian Mediterranean tradition.

Let's discover together the three protagonists of this story: Sambyké, the Hippocratic wine Ypocras and the fermented mead.

<h2> Mead <h/2>.

The first time is never forgotten. The first time you never forget. The first time I tasted a fermented product was mead. I can't forget the taste.

It was like stepping back in time. It was a mead produced by a beekeeper from whom I had had a good fortune and opportunity to visit the apiary that housed the hives of the hardworking bees.

Beekeeping is one of the most ancient professions, and in the last years, it has been experiencing severe difficulties. Yes, because beekeeping requires accurate and proper care of bees, offering them shelter and watching over their development, collecting in exchange a rich reward: pollen, beeswax, royal jelly, propolis, poison and honey.

But there is an ancient beverage with base water, honey and yeast. It was among the most widely used alcoholic beverages in the ancient world before the spread of the vine introduced wine to Europe and the Mediterranean.

It was known as the "nectar of gods" by Celts and Germans, it was a pretty simple beverage to make, and it did not require excellent knowledge.

"Essentiae Lunae" mead is characterized by an extraordinary delicacy and a refined sweetness, it goes well with cheese, dried fruits, sweets and dark chocolate, and it also seems to be suitable for meditation. 

<h2> Sambyké <h/2>

The name comes from the Greek root of the word Elder: "Sambyké". The term also recalls the name of a string instrument, triangular in shape, made from the hollow branches of the shrub.

Elder plant, believed to be magical in the ancient world, was often used to aromatize beverages and has many therapeutic properties. It is obtained by infusing white wine with acacia honey, cane sugar, sugar, Elder flowers and other spices. Inviting as an aperitif, its taste goes well with aromatic and spicy foods, cheeses, sweets and chocolate. Excellent as digestive.

<h2> Ypocras <h/2>

The etymology seems to suggest the legendary creation by the physician Hippocrates. 

The ancestral wine Ypocras has obtained thanks to the infusion of many spices with red wine: raw sugar, sugar, cinnamon, cloves, ginger.

Whether for an aperitif or a meditation session, we invite you to choose our divine flavours with care!