Extra Virgin Olive Oil

“It is difficult to picture, even just for a moment, tuscan landscape without olive trees”.

Considered one of the best EVOO in the world, Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tuscany is one of the most wanted and appreciated oil for its intense aroma and herby, harmonic and balanced flavour.

Tuscany, located in the heart of Italy, is famous for the variety of its landscape that range from the wild coastline of Maremma to the snowy peaks of Apuane mountains going through the picturesque islands of the Tuscan archipelago.

Inland, instead, the landscape shows postcard-perfect hills around Siena that become a little steeper in the Chianti area near Florence, where the silvery olive groves alternate with vineyards and cypress trees.

In such a varied territory, several micro-climates can be found, as well as clay and mineral soil that is perfect for growing not only grapes but also olives, trees that have been found and used in Tuscany ever since.

The olive varieties found in Tuscany are Leccino, Moraiolo and Frantoiano. They are processed (crushed, frante) as a blend (more than one variety) or monocultivar (one only type).

Needless to say, all the extra virgin olive oils are obtained through first cold press only!


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