From #tastingalessi to #alessipiù: more tasting in Florence!

From #tastingalessi to #alessipiù: more tasting in Florence!





Tasting Florence: from #tastingalessi to #alessipiù With the #tastingalessi series we set up some quite interesting events about great wine, food, spirits here at Enoteca Alessi. But starting in few days even more interesting events are coming to you: Alessi is always involved, of course, but some of the events have - as we could say? - a definitely wider perspective...Ladies and gentleman, #alessipiù was born, with more Alessi for you!We are going to use the  #alessipiù “label” for very special events: at the Enoteca, or around Florence. Something more than just a tasting session or a dinner: very special events, and some very special guests. Just be sure to stay tuned on this site, to know what's going on week after week! Meanwhile, ladies and gentleman, the next events - #alessipiù and #tastingalessi as well - until October 1st.Below, some info and link to book the very first #alessipiù events and another #tastingalessi event about Mezcal! #alessipiù: Tasting, Dinner at Alessi and Palazzo Vecchio guided tour Tuesday September 20th - 7PM / 11 PM - Tasting session and dinner at Alessi, Palazzo Vecchio guided tour! Palazzi Vecchio visit in Italian - you can book the event  HERE. #tastingalessi: Mezcal Amores MasterClass Wednesday September 28th - dalle 3.30PM / 5.30PM - #tastingalessi event: Amores Mezcal Master Class with Brand Ambassador Alex Memillod. - you can book the event HERE. #alessipiù: Alessi tasting and Museo Opera del Duomo guided tour Saturday October 1st - 5PM / 9PM - tasting session at Alessi, then guided tour of the brand new Museo dell’Opera del Duomo. you can book the event HERE.