Ginepraio: the 'Tuscan' London Dry Gin!

Ginepraio: the 'Tuscan' London Dry Gin!

Ginepraio: the 'Tuscan' London Dry Gin!






[vc_row][vc_column width="2/3"][vc_column_text]Can a London Dry Gin be… 100% Tuscan? The answer is: yes indeed! Ladies and gentlemen, meet Ginepraio Tuscan Dry Gin!

Ginepraio: a Tuscan spirit with a… London Dry Gin ‘spirit’!

Ginepraio is an organic “Made in Tuscany” London Dry Gin, from the partnership between Levante Spirits and Distillerie Deta. The name is after a colourful Tuscan saying: while “ginepraio” literally means a patch of juniper trees, but also ending up in a messy, complicated, hairy situation: a nod to the fact that Levante Spirits wanted a gin made on very strict principles.

Top notch raw material

All the Ginepraio ingredients are:
  • Certified;
  • Tuscan;
  • Organic.
Even the alcohol is conform to that principles, as it is produced from wheat of the Mugello area. The botanics (seven: among them, juniper - of course! - rosehip and helichrysum) are from Maremma, Val d’Orcia, Chianti. The distillery is in Barberino Val D’Elsa. At the helm of the distillation process, Deta’s Master Distiller and Enzo from Levante Spirits, oenologist.

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Ginepraio MasterClass at Alessi, June 12 2017

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Behind the magic

Infusions time varies between seven and ten days; then the distillation starts, using the alembic nicknamed “Lapo” (an old-fashioned absolutely Tuscan male name). Ginepraio rests then for ten days before being bottled.

Ginepraio Tuscan Dry Gin: tasting notes, mixology

This unique Tuscan Dry Gin has a well defined character, which exalts classic cocktails such as Martini and Negroni. The use of the helichrysum as one of the botanics lends an extra balsamic note to the flavour and taste as well.

Levante Spirits: not only gin

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