High quality Chocolate in Florence

Cocoa is such an irresistible and ancient plant, but maybe we would not have liked it by the time it was discovered!

Its origin dates back to the Maya over one thousand years ago, even though botanical research showed that it was found in the same area way over six thousand years before! Then, Aztecs started using it for rituals and ceremonies; it was mostly used in its liquid form, especially for the foam that it produced by being poured fast from a bowl to another.

Cocoa is brought to Europe by Spanish conquistadores, when they took over Yucatan and Guatemala. But the product was still not the one we know today.

For its yummy present form many years will need to pass, until when someone thought about adding a pinch of sugar to it!

Around 1519 the first cocoa beans reached the city of Modica in Italy, where an artisan way of producing chocolate was created and is still used today.

During the 18th century in Venice, in the “coffee shops”, hot chocolate became a very popular drink. Since then, the creativity of the chocolate masters spread throughout the country, becoming especially innovative in Turin, where in 1852 cocoa is blended with toasted hazelnuts creating the Giandujotto….

All the rest is present history, but nevertheless it still keeps being yummy!


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