Welcome to Saving The Amazon!

Welcome to Saving The Amazon!




Canaïma Gin has donated the planting of a tree with Enoteca Alessi name in the Amazon rainforest.

The Saving The Amazon Foundation has planted a tree from the Ivacaba species, with the help of the indigenous people from the Tayazu community in the Gran Resguardo Indígena del Vaupés, Colombia.

Enoteca Alessi "Saving the Amazon" tree has been planted at N1°13'14.27'' , W 70°15'02.84''.

We will be able to follow-up the growth for 3 years through photographs that will be sent every six months. It is possible to visualize the tree on the project's web page and through the mobile application . The ID of Enoteca Alessi's tree is: 20671.

With the planting of this tree Canaïma Gin addresses its commitment to helping the planet combat climate change. A commitment Enoteca Alessi feels close and relevant, as only a better car for our planet will allow to continue to experience the amazing diversity of terroirs, hence of flavour and taste.