Nardini Florence: Bortolo Nardini products at Alessi

Nardini Florence: Bortolo Nardini products at Alessi

Nardini Florence: Bortolo Nardini products at Alessi






Nardini Florence experience: the Bortolo Nardini products are in display at the Enoteca Alessi next September 28th with a double appointment: for bartenders and for patrons. Meanwhile, discover the range of Nardini in Florence at Alessi!

Nardini Florence Experience: a #tastingalessi event to discover the Bortolo Nardini products

Bortolo Nardini: more than 200 years of passion for spirits and liqueurs

The Bortolo Nardini brand dates to 1779, when Bortolo founded his own distillery in Bassano del Grappa, close to the Bassano iconic bridge, now Ponte degli Alpini. With such a long history, the Nardini brand is proudly part of The Henokiens, the International Association of Bicentenary Family Companies. The company is now managed by the seventh generation of Nardinis, with Angelo, Antonio, Cristina and Leonardo at the helm.

The Grappa Nardini heritage

The first Nardini product was the famous Grappa, from selected grapes pomace. Nowadays the Nardini Grappa range has 24 different products with a great variety: aged grappa, "young" grappa, infusions grappa. The Bortolo Nardini Selection series is the highest peak of the current grappa production, with the Copper-tone Grappas (3, 7, 15 years old) and the Extrafina, from a blend of different pomaces. But Bortolo Nardini is not only grappa anymore. More reasons to come and taste the Nardini products at Alessi!

Bortolo Nardini Liqueurs and Brandy

A series which revamps the tradition of Italian liqueur Traditional liqueurs. From citron to almond or juniper, for a pleasant sweet aftertaste.

Bortolo Nardini Aperitifs and bitters

Again, a good mix of tradition and innovation. perfect "tools" for an aperitivo or an after dinner.

Nardini Florence Experience: double event at Alessi

Meet at Alessi the distinctive quality and variety of Nardini. As a professional or just as a passionate patron, pop in at Alessi next Thursday September 28th.

Nardini Masterclass - insiders

For barmen, bartenders, Food & Drink and Hôtellerie professionals: September 28th, Thursday, 14.30/16.30.

Nardini tasting session - a #tastingalessi series event

Visit us and enjoy the Nardini products in purity or in cocktails. Event price €10. September 28th, Thursday, 18.30/20.30.