Polugar: the historical "Vodka" comeback

Polugar: the historical

Polugar: the historical "Vodka" comeback





Polugar - the historical Vodka - at AlessiIf you think of the national Russian drink you think of Vodka. But “modern vodka” is a children of the industrial revolution: it needs rectification (distillation columns), a technology which reached Russia in 1870. The - literally - modern vodka industry started in 1895, when the Tsar introduced a state monopoly, the production of Polugar was forbidden and all the traditional distilleries destroyed. But then what was the Russian national drink before 1895, the one enjoyed by Tsars Ivan the Terrible (1530–1584) or Peter the Great (1672-1725), and writers such as Dostoevskij (1821 - 1881)? Earlier than 1895 historical vodka was produced using copper pot stills (just like for single malt whisky) and it was named Polugar or “breadwine”. The Rodionov family decided to revive the glory of Polugar, but, as “traditional” distillation is still forbidden in Russia, they had to recreate a traditional distillery in Poland. Polugar means literally “the burnt half” (of breadwine): before alcohol meters were invented, the strength of an alcoholic drink could be tested only by boiling two portions of the liquid until just one portion is left: when the drink was half burned off, it was called "Polugar." When alcohol meters were finally invented and they measured the strength of Polugar, it was 38.5%. The Rodionovs and Polugar The Polugar rebirth is an idea and endeavour from Boris Rodionov, historian and writer. Rodionov recreated the breadwine from a XVIII Century recipe. From that original recipes a whole series of Polugar breawines has born (single rye, barley, or wheat, wheat and rye blend, pepper, garlic, ginger and caraway flavour). Polugar is a unique drink as you never tasted before, a time machine of flavour and taste for a spirit which is ancient and contemporary at the same time. At Enoteca Alessi you can find the whole Polugar series: it’s time to whish you ?? ????????: Cheers!