Rosé, Rosato, Rosado: a different kind of wine in Florence

Rosé, Rosato, Rosado: a different kind of wine in Florence





Rosé wines: an ancient wine for a contemporary way of drinking Rosé wine (Rosato in Italian, Rosado in Spanish) could possibly be the most ancient wine in the human history, as it inherits the skin contact method which is the oldest winemaking maceration process. Nowadays, anyway, there are three different methods to produce Rosé wine: skin contact,  saignée and blending. The skin contact method is a peculiar way to run the wine maceration: for Rosé wines red wines grapes are allowed some maceration between the skins and must, but not to the extent of red wine production (basically: skin contact brings a darker color). The saignée ("bleeding) method implies that bleed-off of the grapes. The blending method mixes white wine and red wine. The Rosé boom At the dawn of the modern wine industry the Rosé wine was basically a byproduct of red wine, but it is after World War II that the commercial success of Rosé wines starts, and it starts great! It is an immediate success for Mateus and Lancers, Portuguese firms that will dominate this “new” market along the second half of the XX Century. The mindset is one of “easiness”, but in the last 30 years the Rosé wine market has changed, bringing some great experiences to the wine lovers. Rosés in the worldIt is a history repeats situation: while also Spain and (still) Portugal are in the game, Italy and France compete for the supremacy, with USA as an outsider.Great Italian Rosé wines come from Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Trentino-Alto Adige. The Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Rosé has a DOC status.The most important French Rosé wines are from Provence, Tavel and Loire. Rosé champagnes are the 3-5% of the whole amount of Champagne production.The Rosado from Rioja is the best Rosé from Spain, the Portuguese Mateus is still quite popular.In the USA, the Zinfandel from California has been the first American Rosé wine to reach a great popularity.Rosés in Florence...Of course, you can enjoy a glass of the best Rosés with us, at Enoteca Alessi! Immagine: "Rose Champagne" by FXR (aka Soundz'FX) - originally posted to Flickr as Champagne Supernova. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons -