#tastingalessi, Gin tasting #1: October 29th

#tastingalessi, Gin tasting #1: October 29th





#tastinglessi Gin event #1 BOOK NOW sending us an email or booking via a social network: Facebook, Google Plus. When: October, 29th, 17.00 - 22.00; Price: drink minimum; Where: at Alessi, of course! Evening Special offer: 10% discount on selected products. What's on An evening to try some of the most interesting products of the present - day Gin landscape. The tasting event is for free, Gin cocktails will be served as well, but they are excluded from the promotion. The Gin brands of the evening Sipsmith: Sipsmith London Dry; Sipsmith V.J.O.P. (Very Junipery Over Proof); Sipsmith Sloe. Ferdinand's Saar Gin: Ferdinand's Saar Dry Gin; Ferdinand's Saar Small Batch; Ferdinand's Saar Dry Vermouth. Bobby’s Shiedam Bobby's Shiedam Dry Gin.Meanwhile... Do you want to know more about Gin? Click here! Do you want to know more about the #tastingalessi event series? Click here! BOOK NOW sending us an email or booking via a social network: Facebook, Google Plus.