Vinegar and Balsamic vinegar

The most famous vinegar in the worlds is without a doubt balsamic vinegar , and it is produced in just two provinces of Emilia Romagna: Modena and Reggio Emilia (the first of these two maybe being the most popular).

The grapes used to obtain balsamic vinegar are the typical white grapes found in the area, but lambrusco grapes are also widely appreciated.

The grapes are pressed, and once the juice (must) is obtained, they are put in a cauldron and cooked. Once it lost most of its volume, it is then left to cool down and put in the first small barrel where it starts its aging process.

The so called “battery of barrels” is a selection of barrels coming in different sizes and made of different woods: oak, mulberry, locust tree, acacia, chestnut, juniper and ash tree. From the biggest to the smallest, the barrels play an important role with three functions: acidification, aging and ripening.

Next to the important “traditional” balsamic vinegar, every producer in Modena and Reggio Emilia creates other kinds of balsamic vinegars, balsamic condiments, saba, flavoured condiments and so on…

…And what about the wine vinegars?
The wine vinegar tradition is strong throughout Italy, especially where important wines are produced.
In Tuscany and Piedmont you can find stunning vinegars to pour on salads, fruits, ice cream and cooking!


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