Enoteca Alessi - sale - Italian Spirits Box

Enoteca Alessi - sale - Italian Spirits Box

Enoteca Alessi - sale - Italian Spirits Box






Enoteca Alessi - sale - Italian Spirits Box

  • AmaroSt. Hubertus Riserva Bordiga cl 50
  • Amaro Sirene Canto cl 70
  • Amaro Marzadro cl 70
  • Gin Selvaggio Macchia cl 70
  • Gin Sunset Panarea cl 70
  • Gin Gil Vecchio Magazzino Doganale cl 70
  • Vermouth Rosso Riserva Carlo Alberto cl 75
  • Vermouth Rosso  Peliti’s cl 75
  • Vermouth di Prato Bianco Numquam cl 75
  • Genziana Lutea di Emilio Borsi cl 100
  • Bitter Roger Vecchio Magazzino Doganale cl 70
  • Vodka Eyva Valdotaine cl 100

Total price, shipping included to your home:

  • Firenze € 420
  • Italia € 480
  • EUR  (FR/DE/LU/B/NL/DK/A) € 490 
  • EUR  the other country  € 520
  • UK € 560
  • USA € 495
  • Alaska/Hawaii/Puerto Rico € 530
  • Jp/South Korea/Singapore/Hong Kong/New Zealand/Australia € 545


Amaro St. Hubertus

A historic recipe from the Bordiga house, a liqueur factory and distillery since 1888.

Located in the north west of Italy, Bordiga was born near the high peaks of the Maritime Alps that almost plunge into the Ligurian Sea.

This historic Amaro comes from an old recipe that has been handed down for generations. The ingredients are herbs, flowers, mountain spices, dried in the open air and preserved with natural methods of the local mountaineers.

Amaro Sirene “Il Canto”

This amaro comes from the poignant love for Lake Garda and its botanicals. It is a naturally bitter liqueur, which enchants with the fragrances of Garda lemons, conquers with the note of vanilla and fascinates with the bitter notes of milk thistle and gentian. It is a 100% natural product, as per the company philosophy and obviously no natural or artificial flavors or dyes are added. Alone as after dinner and incredible in mixing in the classics, as bitters or as an aid to vermouth.

Amaro Marzadro

another mountain story, but on the opposite side: the Trentino Alps, north east of Italy. The Marzadro family has been producing grappas, infusions, liqueurs, distillers and liqueurs since the 1950s; the herbs and flowers for this splendid bitter come from Mount Baldo at an altitude of 2220 meters. The plants that we find in this amaro are: alpine rhubarb, gentian, white vine, chamomile, fennel, holy thistle, galega and the different varieties of achilles; all are left to soak in the cold for about a month. Excellent after a meal

Gin Macchia Selvaggio

Territorial expression of Sardinia, all the scents of this wonderful island and its paradisiacal beaches!

The Mediterranean scrub is the protagonist in the aromas of this gin which among the botanicals used are Sardinian Myrtle, Wild Oregano, Citrus Monstrous and of course Juniper from the island.

Excellent for Gin & Tonic, Gin Fizz, Martini and amazingly smooth.

Panarea Sunset Gin

This Gin takes its name from the place where it is produced, Panarea, a very small Sicilian island in the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands. Fresh, light and delicate taste for this summer version of Panarea, suitable for the preparation of long drinks and also excellent on its own or with a slice of orange or lemon. The raw materials used are of first choice, all high quality botanicals: Coriander, infusions of lemon, orange, juniper, basil, grapefruit and Panarea myrtle.

Gin Gil

Gil is made in Calabria, the tip of the boot! The ingredients, all strictly local and natural, are the local Juniper, called di Rocca Imperiale (very different from the common juniper), Absinthe, Sambuco and Angelica, subsequently flavored with PGI lemons from Rocca Imperiale, Bergamot from Pellaro, bitter oranges from Bisignano and Oregan.

Vermouth Riserva Carlo Alberto

The recipe for this Vermouth Rosso is a clear homage to that of 1837. Unique and exclusive, the Carlo Alberto Reserve is produced with two Piedmontese DOCG wines, Erbaluce di Caluso and Moscato d'Asti, twenty-five herbs and spices complete the recipe, jealously guarded. The design of the bottle is inspired by Turin architecture.

Vermouth Peliti's Rosso

The beauty of Vermouth (as of many other Spirits) is to be linked to true and authentic stories, where you find yourself when studying history at school. Peliti’s is one of these and it is worth reading to savor the humid heat of the places where it was born:

In the mid-19th century Federico Peliti, a Piedmontese-born photographer, sculptor, confectioner and entrepreneur who was Indian by adoption, found himself managing one of the most beautiful and sought-after salons in Calcutta, where all the British high society gathers to enjoy gastronomic delicacies and sip the drink that made him famous: Vermouth.

It has also been produced at the specific request of the Prince of Wales Edward VII since 1877 and collects medals at international exhibitions in Turin, Paris and Calcutta. The success of this Vermouth lies in the perfect blending of Piedmontese wines with Indian spices, the harmony of the Monferrato Passito Moscato, the bitter notes of the absinthe, give this drink an incredible drink.

Vermouth from Prato

The White Vermouth of Prato is linked to the stories and ancient peasant customs of the places around Florence, precisely in Prato.

The "housewives" prepared this drink and then opened it for the holidays.

From a local white grape not yet ripe, a must was produced in which local herbs were macerated. The whole process was done manually and today, as in the mid-1700s, Vermouth itself is produced with the same care as then.

Elecampane, gentian, galangal, cinnamon, calamus, cloves, centaury, Pontian and Roman wormwood, coriander, nutmeg, lemon and sweet and bitter orange peel.

Genziana by Emilio Borsi

The Award-winning "Emilio Borsi" Liquor Factory was founded in Castagneto Carducci in the 19th century with the production of 100% natural liqueurs.

The Gentian Lutea is produced from the root of the plant, it is a bitter tonic. Suitable for mixing as a bitter or for the preparation of thirst-quenching summer long drinks.

Bitter Roger

Roger, bitter extra strong bitter, comes from Calabrian citrus fruits harvested by hand: IGP lemons from Rocca Imperiale, sweet and bitter oranges from Bisignano from the family garden and Bergamots from Pellaro. The selection of bitter botanicals including gentian, cinchona and carlina; without any type of dye or preservative, filtered only with linen cloths.

Excellent after a meal drunk neat, terrific in mixing!

Valdotaine Vodka

La Valdotaine is a very small mountain distillery in the small region north of Italy, Valle d'Aosta.

Small stills in shiny copper worked by hand and with a discontinuous breathing, single-cooked, distil small quantities of unique spirits, made inimitable by the spring waters, rich in minerals, which from the mountains rush down to the valley to the distillery.

This vodka is produced from "spelt" only, the oldest wheat that man has ever grown. A light toasting of the grain of this rustic grain, rich in taste, makes the product slightly straw-colored and with the classic taste of bread.