#VetrinAlessi April-May 2021: Velier

#VetrinAlessi April-May 2021: Velier

#VetrinAlessi April-May 2021: Velier






Every month the shop window of the Enoteca Alessi is renewed. A new showcase, new fantastic opportunities! Follow #Vetrinalessi on social networks and discover Velier here, guest of our showcase for April / May 2021.

#VetrinAlessi April / May 2021

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Amaro Kahneman (€ 32)

Amaro Kahneman comes from an ancient recipe dating back to 1812. For two centuries, it was handcrafted for the exclusive consumption of the Kahneman family. With the death of Clara, the last keeper of the formula, the bitter was in danger of being lost forever. Thanks to discovering the old notebook, where the botanicals and their quantities were noted, today, the original recipe has been revised and improved by one of the best Italian homoeopaths, Dr Valter Fabbro. Amaro Kahneman is an absolute natural elixir that promotes digestion at the end of a meal thanks to the perfect combination of different ingredients: lemon, the medicinal citrus fruit par excellence, already widely used in ancient times for its tonic-stomatal-digestive properties; rosemary, a symbol of love and adjuvant of liver function; and finally the spices and herbs that assist the action of the main ingredients: liquorice, star anise, chinotto (myrtle-leaved orange tree fruits), cinnamon and gentian.

Amaro Amarot (€ 33.50)

Amaròt is an artisan amaro based on herbs and chinotto. It was born in Turin, in the historic district of San Salvario, from an idea of ​​two friends, owners of two clubs that are protagonists of the Turin nightlife, who wanted to recreate an authentic amaro. Once they found the artisan recipe, they wisely entrusted the production task to the distillers of Castelnuovo Don Bosco. The essences derived from the best citrus fruits, herbs, roots, and spices are cold extracted so as not to alter their original aroma; this is accompanied by an extended maturation of the finished product, which harmonizes the various elements; the insoluble vegetable parts settle and settle allowing us a light filtering that does not subtract essential aromatic tones from the liqueur.

Amaretto Adriatico (€ 49) - Adriatico Almond Milk (€ 53.50)

A liqueur full of innovation created only with high-quality ingredients: one of them, the Apulian almond. The "Filippo Cea" Apulian almond is now used through a revolutionary process. Hand-picked in the Apulian countryside, the almonds are roasted for a long time before being macerated and distilled, then combined with notes of vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa and coffee. Finally, a pinch of salt from the Margherita di Savoia salt pan brings a delicate touch, which evokes the sea: ADRIATIC. This Amaretto, just arrived in the world of liqueurs, is definitely at the forefront. It is drunk neat or mixed with ginger beer or tonic. It will not disappoint you! The range is completed by the silky accents of the white almond milk liqueur - "Bianco - Crushed Almonds". Amara € 27.50 from 0.50 lt - Amara € 84.50 from 1.50 lt - Amara € 190 from 3.00 lt On the slopes of Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, there are hectares of citrus groves, the pride of the ancient peasant tradition. It's thanks to the nature of the soil and the intense temperatures that the famous PGI Red Oranges of Sicily grow. The best blood orange peels meet an infusion of aromatic herbs and sugar: a natural amaro with a unique and decisive taste is born, with a clear and golden colour, produced in small batches and without additives. With its Mediterranean scents, each bottle embodies the love for Sicily.

White Water € 49.90 from 0.50 lt

This innovative citrus liqueur was born from the collaboration between Salvatore Calabrese, aka The Cocktail Maestro, and De Kuyper Royal Distillers to create a modern liqueur that finds inspiration in a late 19th-century manual. Acqua Bianca is the skilful union of three citrus fruits: lemons from the Amalfi Coast, bergamot from Calabria and cedars. To these are added peppermint and rose that gives a delicate and floral touch to the spirit. The recipe is completed by ambergris, a unique ingredient of its kind and mainly used to create aroma, which further intensifies the aromatic range of this gustatory masterpiece.

Villa Massa € 16.50 from 0.50 lt

We harvest our precious Sorrento lemons by hand. We peel the lemons with the utmost care to obtain only the delicate layers of peel. We leave these peels to be cold macerated in alcohol to transfer the peel's essential oils to the alcohol. We filter several times and mix the lemon zest infusion with a syrup of water and sugar.

Villa Massa Limoncello cream € 24.50 from 0.50 lt

Crema di Limoncello follows the same authentic recipe as limoncello by adding a delicate cream of milk.

Villa Massa Limoncello Basilico € 17.50 from 0.50 lt

Limoncello is enriched with Basil giving a remarkably fresh and slightly spicy flavour.

Villa Massa Mandarin Liqueur € 21 of 0.50 lt

The Villa Massa Mandarin Liqueur is produced from an infusion of mandarins from the Sorrento area: Their characteristic is that they have a particularly fragrant peel. With an intense orange colour, this liqueur opens to the nose with delicate and characteristic aromas of citrus fruits, enriched with hints of brown sugar. On the palate, it is clean and fresh, pleasantly balanced. Excellent as an aperitif or served at the end of a meal as a digestive, it is ideal as an ingredient in cocktails and long drinks.

#VetrinAlessi April / May 2021: the list!

  • Amaro Kahneman € 32
  • Amaro Amarot € 33.50
  • Amaretto Adriatico € 49
  • Adriatico Almond Milk € 53.50
  • Amara € 27.50 of 0.50 lt
  • Amara € 84.50 of 1.50 lt
  • Amara € 190 from 3.00 lt
  • White Water € 49.90 from 0.50 lt
  • Villa Massa € 16.50 from 0.50 lt
  • Villa Massa Limoncello cream € 24.50 from 0.50 lt
  • Villa Massa Limoncello Basilico € 17.50 from 0.50 lt
  • Villa Massa Mandarin Liqueur € 21 of 0.50 lt