Meet the new Alessi Ecommerce site!

Meet the new Alessi Ecommerce site!



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Alessi Ecommerce site: have you already taken a look at it? You can order the best wine & spirits from all over the world!

Enoteca Alessi Ecommerce site and new blogsite

In the last few weeks we have completely restyled our sites: the Enoteca Alessi Ecommerce - - and, as you can see while reading this post, the blog-site as well, the one you are visiting right now. On this post you can find more information about how to find us on a wide variety of social networks, how to contact us, how to be sure about our opening hours and days. Meanwhile, in the post that you are reading right now, we want to tell you something more about our Alessi Ecommerce site.

Alessi Ecommerce site: first things first!

Well, the very first thing is that: our ecommerce is… somewhere else! No worries but: it’s just us! While here on the blog-site you find everything you need to know more about our products, services and events, is the site to actually buy the products (and some of the services as well, such as the gift cards). We ship worldwide: please note that there could be some restrictions to ship to some Countries: orders supposed to be shipped to those Countries can’t be processed. You can read the Terms and Conditions of our Ecommerce here. You can read the Privacy Policy of our Ecommerce here.

Alessi Ecommerce site: how to contact us

If you don’t find what you are looking for visiting the already provided links, please just send an email to: You can use this email address also to ask information about the shop and the Wine Bar (for example to book a table).

Ecommerce: order handling, shipping, national holidays

We usually handle each order on the next working day. Please pay attention to the Italian National holidays, as orders can’t be handled in those days.