Melanzane alla Parmigiana by Antonella: Recipe & Offer

Melanzane alla Parmigiana by Antonella: Recipe & Offer



melanzane alla parmigiana



Antonella’s Melanzane alla Parmigiana - Parma style Aubergines - Eggplants

After cleaning / washing the aubergines, cut them into slices (you are NOT going to peel them) about 2cm thick, in a regular fashion.
Set them in layers on a plate with kitchen paper, allow coarse salt and kitchen paper between the layers. put something heavy on the pile.
The salt makes the extra water of the aubergines leave. It will take 4/6 hours to have the aubergines ready for the next phase…

Batter the aubergines with flour, egg.

Fry in plentiful corn, or sunflower, oil.

Drain and dry the fried aubergines (use absorbent paper).

Cut the mozzarella in cubes, grate the parmigiano reggiano / grana padano.

Meanwhile, brown a clove of garlic in EVOO.

Add passata or peeled tomatoes (absolutely NO tomato concentrate!), boil for 10 minutes.

Set up the parmigiana layers: aubergine, the mix of parmigiano/grana and mozzarella, tomato sauce. Top adding plentiful of grated parmigiano/grana.
Cook in the oven: 20 minutes @180c.
… Buon appetito :-)

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