Michele Ferrero: a "sweet" success

Michele Ferrero: a

Michele Ferrero: a "sweet" success





Michele Ferrero died last February 14th, aged 89 anni, after a whole life of success in business. Nutella's "dad"  Michele Ferrero is the "father" of Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Pocket Coffee, Mon Chery, Tic Tac and many other confectionery products famous all over the world.   Everything starts with Pietro and Piera, Michele's father and mother, in a tiny workroom for chocolate production in Alba, Piedmont. When Pietro dies, Michele is 20 years old and becomes the CEO of the family business. With creativity and perseverance, year after year, Michele builds an empire: the heritage for his son Giovanni (another son, Pietro, died prematurely) is a workforce of 34 thousand people in 53 Countries; 20 plants (3 of them are fair trade projects in Africa and Asia), 9 farms. Asked about the secret of his success, Michele spoke about his "think different" approach (many years before Steve Jobs...): the Nutella has been the very first spreadable chocolate. And, above all, about the attention for la signora Valeria, Mrs Valeria, the true decision maker and owner of a company: an archetypal figure of the average Italian woman, the client for Ferrero products. Customer satisfaction! Michele Ferrero was absolutely right: match the client's needs is the key to success, and never disappoint his expectations: this is the reason for which, for example, Ferrero chocolate confectionery is not sold in summer in Italy, as the warm weather can alter the quality of the product.